Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs 30 ml

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Diarrhoea is a frequent reason for the animal consultation lesson. No matter whether an infestation with endoparasites, bacteria, viruses or feed intruitable ability cause the digestive system, Pro Kolin Advanced offers a gentle and effective immediate aid for dogs and cats with acute diarrhoea.

Probiotika micro-organisms for a healthy intestine. They can quickly colonise the gastrointestinal tract and help increase the number of positive intestinal bacteria and minimise pathogenic bacteria. Prebiotics food for beneficial bacteria. Special Pr biotics, such as the PreplexTM Pr biotic, a formulation of fructo oligosaccharides (FOS) and gum arabic, stimulate the growth of positive intestinal bacteria.

KAOLIN AND MONTMORILLONITE two naturally absorbing minerals (healing earths) that can strengthen the faeces. Pektine high-quality fibres that soothe the intestinal mucosa. PSYLLIUM psyllium husks that absorb excess fluid in the intestine and promote intestinal activity. Beta Glucane with anti-inflammatory properties, support the immune system.

Composition: Soy l, psyllium shell, pectin, preplex pr biotic (fructo oligosaccharide), beta glucane, dextrose.

Duration of the delivery according to animal medical instructions or until the desired chair quality is reached. For further information, see packaging. Paste for oral application (directly into the mouth or over the food).

Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs 30 ml

Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs 30 ml

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Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs 30 ml Review

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